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May 20, 2019 Lima 0 Comments

Heya people out there. This is my first blog out here. I am just an ordinary girl in my early 20s and on the verge of graduation. I would love to share all the pieces of my mind with you from now on.

Today, i am in the mood of talking about food.

Good food is something which no one can say no to. Being a foodie cook, i can share various tips if anybody needs any out there.

The last thing cooked by me was choco orange mousse. Maybe sometime i can share the recipe with you. It was a big hit with my family members who are totally anti-dessert type of people.

Food is the only thing that makes us smile. Especially desserts. Lets think of an instance we all must have come across sometime or the other.

Your parents have scolded you or you have had a fight with your boyfriend or husband or best friend, the solution to feel better? Desserts my dear fellows.

We should not think about diabetes. We should work out every day to burn our calories. And of course too much of everything is bad for you. So everything should be in a controlled manner.

And making good food is an art. Not everyone can make a good dish just looking at some random recipies and throwing in the ingredients as advised. It takes a lot ot love and care to make anything good. And as for food, it’s always made for a noble purpose. To make your family members happy or oneself happy or maybe others happy. So ladies and men please cook something for your loved one. Maybe just a sweet little helping or a cup of coffee. Just add the secret ingredient – a heart-full of love and just see the difference.

Love you all. Bye for now.


This was my first post on my blog

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