Ours is  home bakery. We love to bake and fulfill your orders. 

 Each one of our cakes are completely handmade and customized to your needs. 

 Please order in 3-4 days in advance to help us serve you better.

 For now, we are only taking orders in Kolkata.

 We want to cater to all your orders, but we don’t take more than 2 orders per day now.


 Where does our goodies get baked?

  Our products are completely homemade and baked in a small oven. So it takes time and love to prepare each and every order with love and detailing.

  And i hope you will bear with us. 


 Can it be home-delivered?

  Yes, we deliver almost all over Kolkata.

Please leave a review for the products if you have tasted them. 

Thanks for your love 🙂

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